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Management Policy

We at SWISSCERT are committed to provide an impartial, independent, fair, transparent and competent management system certification services to all the clients in accordance with requirements of the applicable International Standards for Certification Bodies. We are also committed to maintain the impartiality of certification activities and the confidentiality of information in all aspects.

This is achieved through: -

aerrow_redaerrow_black Understanding the importance of impartiality on carrying out certification activities
aerrow_redaerrow_black Evaluating risks associated with providing competent, consistent and impartial certification and taking appropriate action to mitigate the risks
aerrow_redaerrow_black Managing conflicts of interest
aerrow_redaerrow_black Ensuring objectivity of the certification activities
aerrow_redaerrow_black Employing trained and competent personnel in carrying out certification activities
aerrow_redaerrow_black Operating the procedures in a non-discriminatory manner
aerrow_redaerrow_black Enhancing the client satisfaction by value adding audit and prompt response to client requirements
aerrow_redaerrow_black Continual improvement of management system and certification activities through regular reviews and feedback from interested parties.

                                                    MANAGING DIRECTOR
DATE: 25.03.2017



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