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FAMI-QS Certification

What is FAMI-QS

FAMI-QS (Feed Additive and Premixture Quality System) is a standard code that addresses safety, quality and European regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredient and their mixtures. The feed is considered unsafe for its intended use if it has adverse effects on human or animal health or the food derived from the food -producing animals is unsafe for human consumption. Over the years the European Union (EU) has developed many regulations to improve the safety and quality of feed additives and pre-mixtures. The standard code of practice, namely FAMI-QS Code, has been issued to ensure compliance to these regulations.

FAMI-QS Certification 

It is a management system certification based on the FAMI-QS code of practice and both manufacturers and traders of feed additives and pre-mixtures can obtain this certification. FAMI-QS certification ensures the following,

  1. Minimize the risk that unsafe feed ingredients and their mixtures enter the feed and food chain
  2. Compliance to local and EU feed hygiene regulations 
  3. Improved customer confidence and acceptance of the product 
Authority to issue FAMI-QS Certificate
  1. All FAMI-QS approved CB’s (list available on the web site www.fami-qs.org) are authorized to issue certificate after the audit approval by FAMI-QS.
  1. SWISSCERT Pvt. Ltd. is the only certification body from India approved by FAMI-QS.
Road Map to FAMI-QS Certification
  1. Check from FAMI-QS register available in their web site www.fami-qs.org whether your product is listed as approved
  1. If your product is listed follow the steps as under
    1. Fill in and submit the application form available on site of www.swisscert.co.in
    2. SWISSCERT will submit the application form to FAMI-QS on behalf of the client and get the approval letter from FAMI-QS. 
    3. SWISSCERT conducts the audit 
    4. SWISSCERT submits to FAMI-QS audit documentation
    5. FAMI-QS checks audit documentation / membership payment and approves
    6. SWISSCERT delivers the certificate  
  1. The implementation of the FAMI-QS is similar to the implementation 9001: 2008 except that it takes into account additional points like good manufacturing practice, risk analysis, risk control (HACCP), regulatory compliance, traceability and crisis management.

            For further more information please contact info@swisoindia.com or call at           +91-11-41539720

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